About Global Logix

Global Logix offers a wide variety of professional services in the field of global transportation and logistics and is specialised in providing quality and reliable services ranging from private individuals to multinational organisations.

Our many years of experience, combined with our wide range of services, have allowed Global Logix to gain a valuable perspective to meet that objective by providing the most efficient, cost-effective approaches to problem solving. At Global Logix we know that the success of our firm depends upon our ability to help our clients achieve their goals.
Global Logix have a strong reputation in regular provision of quality services and this can be justified by the continuing business with established clients.

Global Logix's staff knowledge acquired from over 15 years experience in Land, Sea and Air transportation, provides our assurance of a top of the line service in how to efficiently Import and/or export your product line anywhere in the world. Global Logix, also offers freight forwarding services tailored to meet the individual needs of each client thanks to the work experience and brokerage liaison relationships that will make the import/export process work for you and your company.