Custom Brokerage

customs new Prompt and effective clearance of international cargoes is critical to the success of any global supply chain. As a total logistics solutions provider, Global Logix deploys one of the industry's most extensive customs brokerage operations.

Our network incorporates a team of licensed customs brokers, import and export specialists at over 100 offices around the world. These resources work in concert with country-specific Customs personnel at our international partners' offices to manage customs issues at both ends of the customer's supply chain. Their goal: help our clients successfully navigate complicated global trade regulations and avoid additional costs and delays to their business and customers.

As the conduit between the shipper and the regulatory agency, Global Logix takes the information provided by you about your products and the financial transactions between you and your international supplier or customer, and presents the information to Customs authorities with the proper classification, value and duty assessment in the requisite formats.

Global Logix's experience, leading-edge technology and market expertise support efficient clearance and exceptional customer service. Whether your business has 1 or 50,000 international shipments annually, Global Logix delivers the resources to ensure accurate Customs filings and proper documentation for successful import or export transactions.

Global Logix's primary customs brokerage services include:

  • Entry Processing and Online Customs filings

  • Export/Import Documentation

  • Compliant with the destination country's Customs systems

  • Full Product Database including classifications, value adjustments and Other Government Agencies declarations